Real Estate Cost Segregation

Wanting to Improve Cash Flow?

Let us show you how to implement what we’ve learned, over the years, about real estate cost segregation. Our experience has shown us that over 70% of real estate investors are overpaying federal income taxes. Your company’s real estate holdings constitute a significant cost investment. That’s why you need Wiebel, Hennells & Carufe, PLLC, CPA’s cost segregation services by your side. With our engineering-based cost segregation studies, you can maximize your property’s financial return by generating significant tax deductions not only at federal level, but also at state and local levels.

With us, you can expect a thorough cost segregation analysis of your fixed assets to uncover sources for buried tax savings, including purchase of existing properties, new construction, existing buildings undergoing renovation, expansion, restoration or remodeling. Other type of assets, include but are not limited to, playgrounds, tennis courts, parking lots, landscaping, signage, interior and exterior lighting and carpeting. 
You can perform these cost segregation analyses on facilities placed in service in prior years without the need to amend past tax returns.

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