Corporate Finance

Wiebel, Hennells & Carufe, PLLC, CPA’s is a solution oriented corporate finance advisory firm. Our corporate finance services include:

  • M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Corporate Restructuring 
  • Disposals 
  • Mergers 
  • Joint Ventures 
  • Acquisitions 
  • Business Valuations 
  • Business Planning
  • Exit Planning and Exit Strategy 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Pre-flotation Planning and Support 
  • Tactical Planning 
  • Litigation Support 
  • Selling Businesses
  • Pre-sale Preparation 
  • Selecting the best intermediary 
  • Price & Terms 
  • Asset sale or Stock Sale 
  • Minimize Tax Liability for Capital Gains 
  • Solutions to Business Operation’s Problems 
  • Improvement of Banking Relationship 
  • Part-time CFO or temporary finance director role 
  • Corporate turnaround 
  • Financing and Raising Capital 
  • Management Buy-outs 
  • Management Buy-ins 
  • Bank Funding 
  • Placement of Shares 
  • Capital for Development

Thanks to our extensive hands-on experience in the specific industries we serve, you can count on customized and cost-effective solutions that will help you maximize the value of the business while minimizing risk.

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