Audit and Assurance

Auditing and accounting are an important part of any company’s well being. That’s why for our CPA firm, financial statement services are our foundation. For more than 25 years, we strive for continued excellence...

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Also known as write-up services, is not only about data entry and bank accounts reconciliation. It’s about knowing what goes where. A good bookkeeper with thorough knowledge, will ensure the data goes to the proper place.

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Corporate Finance

Thanks to our extensive hands-on experience in the specific industries we serve, you can count on customized and cost-effective solutions that will help you maximize the value of the business while minimizing risk.

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Business Consultation

At Wiebel, Hennells & Carufe, PLLC, CPAs we pride ourselves on being a go to business consultant to assist the small to medium sized business owner improve his or her business operations.

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Forensic & Litigation

Businesses are subject to risk from both internal and external sources. Do you suspect fraud in your company? Whether you are suspecting employee or spousal dishonesty, corporate fraud, insurance fraud or any other questionable actions.

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Corporations & Entity Planning

Incorporating a business is one of the most important decisions you as a business owner will have to make. How to structure your business will depend on the nature of the business, your goals, and your personal situation. adjust to your needs

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Long gone are the days when only big corporations could expand their footprint to international markets. In today's economy, we more and more frequently see global entrepreneurs. We have helped many companies to expand to new..

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Lender Support

Whether you're assessing a new loan, starting a financial investigation, or looking to protect your investment with a struggling company, our Lender Support Services professionals can help you.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Thinking about buying or selling a business? Often the fastest and best way to grow a business is to buy an existing operation, rather than building up a company from scratch. Our team of Merger and Acquisition advisors is here to help.

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Close up of a paper, financial figures and pen.

Part-time CFO

Outsourcing a part-time CFO / Controller is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your business. In order to run a sound and successful business, someone in your organization needs to understand your company's finances...

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Keeping track of your business's financial records& information is critical to your business success. That's why our accounting ancertifiedd bookkeeping services are tailored to your business's specific circumstances.

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Small Business Accounting

A Small Business Accountant firm is key to your business's success and well being. An efficient financial system is at the heart of any successful business. That's why, at Wiebel, Hennells & Carufe pllc, CPAs our team of certified public accountants...

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Real Estate Cost Segregation

Let us show you how to implement what we've learned, over the years, about real estate cost segregation. Our experience has shown us that over 70% of real estate investors are overpaying federal income taxes...

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Risk & Compliance

Whether you have a business or a not-for-profit organization, in today's economic and operating environments, quality auditing services delivered in a timely manner is a must in order to keep your company moving forward.

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State and Local Tax

As one of Bonita Spring's leading Florida state sales tax and use tax consultants, we help clients recover Florida sales and use taxes overpaid to the state. Our combined tax experience will help you to not only identify, evaluate your...

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Strategic and Business Planning

Sometimes the day to day operations don’t leave business owners time to work on the future of their business. Having your ideas and plans locked up inside your head is not good enough in today’s market, that’s why it is so important to...

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We take pride in demonstrating that accounting, when well done, can pay for nearly all its own costs through money and management time saved. Our goal is to make sure you are taking maximum advantage of every opportunity and are...

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Trusts and Estates

At WHC, CPA’s we take pride in demonstrating that accounting, when well done, can pay for nearly all its own costs through money and management time saved. Our goal is to make sure you are taking maximum advantage of every opportunity and are complying with every rule especially when it comes to protecting your assets for future generations.

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Maximizing entrepreneurial and family wealth for our clients is one of our primary objectives. Our business valuation services have been the answer to many business owners and their professional advisors.

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Wealth Transfer

Creating and building wealth is just one part of the equation; the second part is wealth preservation. Transferring your business and financial assets intact to future generations, requires a comprehensive strategy and an expert by your...

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