Law Firm Accounting and Consulting

Just as your business goal is focusing on growing a viable firm by engaging your clients and delivering your valued service, our business goal is to help you run your law practice efficiently by providing top notch accounting and consulting services.

Wiebel Hennells & Carufe, PLLC, CPA’s has over 22 years of experience providing hands-on service to meet the unique needs of law firms.

The services we provide for your law firm fall into two categories.

1. Accounting and business consulting for your firm itself:

2.Tax planning assistance, litigation services and other services for the clients you represent

By bringing on WH&C, CPA’s as the accountant for your law firm, you will avoid headaches, worry and most important save time. Due to our hands on experience, we can create and tailor a system that will keep your finances in order and your accounts receivable and payable current and accurate.

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