Dispute Resolution

Cost-effective Conflict Dispute Resolution

Can’t agree with your partner what’s best for your business? At Wiebel, Hennells & Carufe, PLLC, CPA’s we are experts at resolving business conflict.

When partners disagree on what is best for their business, those differences can result in irreparable damage and sometimes even kill the business. In some cases it’s better to buy the other partner out, but the questions are: what’s the company’s price, and who should buy out whom? 
Before going to litigation that can not only be expensive but also very time consuming, try the conflict resolution services of WH&C, CPA’s. Our experts act as a neutral party hired by both sides to help resolve differences in a fair and very cost effective way.

When you go to court the emotional toll on the owners is high and in the end, the judge’s decision may not please either partner.

With our alternative dispute resolution services, we collect information from all parties involved and get an agreement with them in order to prepare a business valuation using all the data provided and approved by them. As a result we deliver a fair, honest, and accurate business valuation with which all parties involved feel comfortable; keeping partner conflicts out of a courtroom.
Some of our services are:

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